Laser 3.14
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“I see no difference between the city and the work that I add to its walls. The only distinction is that my work is consciously accessible to the public while the poetry of the city is not visible to everyone.”
—Laser 3.14

Creating poetry on the street for over 15 years, Laser 3.14’s name is inseparable from any conversation about Amsterdam and urban art. As the city’s most prolific street artist he shares his distinctive work of visual poetry both outside amongst the canals of Amsterdam and in many of the city's prestigious galleries. Laser 3.14 is celebrated globally for his bold statements about politics, popular culture & everyday life.

Laser 3.14 has exhibited in Den Haag Museum, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, is part of the Amsterdam Historic Museum permanent collection, and was awarded the PAX Peace Prize for his work towards raising issues of global stability. In addition, he's collaborated with fashion and lifestyle brands including Denham, Lane Crawford and Tommy Hilfiger.

Selected Exhibitions & Activities

2018 - WOW Amsterdam, KunstRAI 2018, Amsterdam
Group exhibition

2017 - "Keith Haring Summer School", Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Lecturer & exhibition of work

2016 - "Press Here For Some Counterculture", Vroom & Varossieau, Amsterdam
Solo exhibition

2015 - "Amsterdam DNA: Street Art", Amsterdam Historic Museum, Amsterdam
Group exhibition

2014 - "Control Room", De Kring, Amsterdam
Solo exhibition

2014 - "Troublemakers Make the World Go Round", Bart Invites, Amsterdam
Solo exhibition

2011 - "Are You Reading Me?", The Garage, Amsterdam`
Solo exhibition

2011 - “A Decade of Aerosol Poetry”, Unit44,  Newcastle Upon Tyne
Solo exhibition

2007 - “Today I Hired A Detective To Track Me Down”, WM Gallery, Amsterdam
Solo exhibition

2006 - "Dutch Masters", Gemeentemuseum, The Hague
Group exhibition

Selected Press Interviews

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