An Homage to Prince | Hand-Sprayed Edition Available Now


The Rain Ran Purple And Doves Cried

‘It was 1982 when I connected the dots to who Prince was. My family and I were living in Bos and Lommer, a suburban section of Amsterdam. I was at the house of a neighbour/friend hanging out. One of the sisters of my friend said “I love Prince so much that when I meet him I’ll marry him”. I immediately thought “Wait a minute, who is this guy and why is this girl smitten?” Not much later I saw a video of him on Sky Channel’s ‘Music Box’ I think it was ‘Little Red Corvette’ or ‘1999’ and I totally got it. My brothers had been playing tracks of him for a while at our house and I fell in love with his music. I’ve been a huge Prince fan ever since. Musically, Prince shook up the scene, broke numerous music rules and changed the game on so many levels, the way that troublemakers who make the world go round usually do.

In 1984 the Purple Rain album and movie came out and it set the world on fire. Prince went global and I played that record non-stop. To this day I know almost every word of that album from beginning to end. After that, the very underrated Around the World in a Day was the soundtrack to my life and great records kept coming accumulating in his magnum opus Sign ‘O’ the Times. It was in the 90s that I lost track a bit of Prince and got into other music. I heard a great new track here and there.

A few years ago I started playing my Prince records again and found the music still took me to places. And also took me back to all those those great and beautiful memories associated to it from when I was younger. So when I heard that Prince died I was shocked. When someone’s music becomes such a big part of your life if feels almost as if a close friend has passed. I’m happy to have had this incredible musical friend i’ve never met in person, while at the same time feel I know and knows me. Thanks for the musical journey Prince.’

Laser 3.14, Amsterdam, 2016

A new hand painted edition in homage to Prince and Laser’s love for this legendary artist.

‘The Rain Ran Purple And Doves Cried’ is lovingly sprayed on 300gsm 100% cotton paper.

This hand painted multiple is limited to an edition of 30.

50 x 70cm
Signed, dated & numbered in pencil on front

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