New Valentine’s Day art available

Dear all,
We hope this finds you well.
Just one month into the year and it feels like we’ve lived a thousand, hey, nothing that love can’t conquer right?

Laser’s latest release is for Valentine’s and is for the one, past or present, who gives you that glow, that sparkle.

In true Laser style ‘You Shine In Me’ has been created on paper, wood, gold and on the street.
For the first time we’ve been hand working with gold leaf. It comes alive as the gold heart on the paper edition and white wood original and as a full bleed background for the red heart original.

2018-02-04-Paperpiece_Gold_50x70cm 2018-02-04_Youshineinme_60x74cm_white-black-gold 2018-02-04_Youshineinme_60x74cm_Gold-black-red

All works are unique, signed, dated and available here.

Happy Valentine’s
Laser & crew.