Cover Design for View2 Magazine


The cover I did for View2 Magazine issue 22, A fashion industry magazine about upcoming trends, textiles, fashion etc and will be released on January 5th

From the editor, Laura Keller:

“When it came to the visual identity of this issue, it seemed the perfect choice to approach someone to collaborate with us for our cover whose entire identity in the public realm has been built upon challenging the norm and not conforming. Laser 3.14 is a street poet with real integrity. His canvas is the city of Amsterdam, but he does not deface architecture, he writes inspiring, stop-you-in-the-street poetic prose on temporary hoardings, boarded up entryway woodwork and tarpaulins. Each statement evokes and potentially prevokes a reaction in the viewer. But these are temporary exhibition places rendering his statements transitory, meaning the messages he leaves are all based upon the moment.

When we met and discussed our concept of “Out is the new In!” he immediately felt it, because it is a statement that resonates right now, not just for him or for us, but globally. The result is a visually stunning and challenging piece of art. Our covers have always been graphic, but never dark – this is a dark one, but the underlying message is optimistic: Challenge! Explore! Create!”

More info about View2 Magazine here